Saturday, June 28, 2014


Sunflowers are my absolute favorite flower in the entire face of the universe! If I was a flower, I would definitely say I'm a sunflower. Everybody that knows me, knows about my true love for this beautiful plant. Of course I had to celebrate the sunflower/summer season by wearing it all over my body. 

Fun fact: For my debut (which is like a sweet 16, but for 18 year olds) the tradition is usually having 18 roses, but obviously I had to break that trend with my beloved sunflower. So yes, that means my future wedding will have sunflowers everywhere. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Ch-ch-chaaaiiinnnssss! I've always had a little obsession for chains, the amount of chain necklaces I have in my accessories drawer is endless. Although, I've settled down from wearing those because what better way to rock a chain than to wear on your body and your head. Depending on the style of chain instantly brings a different vibe to an outfit. This particular head chain put me in a boho mood. I paired it with my loose indian-inspired top and a silver choker. 

Monday, June 23, 2014


If you're a native Southern Californian or LA person you know that Venice beach (right next to Santa Monica) is notorious for the endless amount of interesting/weird things you see. There are so many different kinds of people (normal of different ethnicities to strange beach bums) and stands were you can buy henna tattoos, handmade jewelry, apparel, food you can find at fairs and festivals - like fried oreos, funnel cakes, fried twinkies, fried pizza etc. If you have never experienced this beach before you get to do it here in just one minute - here's MY own short visual summary of a walk down Venice!

Saturday, June 21, 2014


This flowerly/paisley print chiffon kimono is absolutely perfect for a summer evening and night. It may be a long-sleeve, but it's super thin and light. I've always been in love with kimonos, it's like they give you wings for the day (haha). I paired it with these fun pastel high-waisted shorts to add a little more pop of color. Why? Because I just love color, the more - the better. Just like rings - I have about seven on my fingers (I basically have a jewelry obsession).


Summer days mean more days to relax in a nice shaded area of a park or to simply bask in the sun. Sunflowers are my absolutely, positively number one favorite flower in the entire universe! I was so excited to get my hands on these beautiful babies and take them out for a breather.

Friday, June 13, 2014


I AM! Summer is my absolute favorite season of the entire year! It probably has a lot to do with my being a summer baby, I'm sure. I've been on summer vacation for about 2 weeks now, but I'm basing summer off of the first official day which is June 21st. Took a quick stroll down Venice before work and loved every second of the weather. I appreciate and love summer so much, you don't even know. Oh! And I finally got myself my new canon baby, can't wait to start using it like crazy.


When I was little I was the biggest bookworm, major emphasis on bookworm. I lived and breathed literature like no other, finishing books I would borrow from my elementary library as I got off the school bus or reading while eating and reading while following my momma around stores as she shopped. As I got older my reading dwindled down, as the technology era seized the hearts of every child (including me). Once you get to college it's like, who even reads books? Let alone the books that were assigned in class, hello spark notes exists. But I told myself once summer starts I'm going to take the time to read a really good book. And not through an e-book, I can't do e-books, I'm already tired of always looking at my computer screen and phone, so paper-back it is! I've heard about The Alchemist in so many places, whether through mentions by professionals or word of mouth - how could you not hear about it? I always heard such great things about how it has been inspiring and being inspired is one of my favorite feelings ever. So I'm extremely excited to be in the process of reading this book.

(this is me trying to pack "light" for 3 days)

I'm one of those people that packs last minute for a trip - literally hours before. And at the same time, packing "light" does not exist in my vocabulary. What even is packing light, how does accomplish this state of packing? So here I was thinking, okay, this time I'll just bring a smaller luggage, because me arriving with my huge XL luggage is just embarrassing. Low and behold, I ended filling up my adidas sports bag, my herschel backpack and more. A girl's gotta have options ya'know? You never know how you're going to feel. 

Anywaaaaays, every year for the past five years I've been volunteering for this amazing non-profit organization called Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership (best known as HOBY) that changed my life. I go back every year in hopes to create the same positive impact that was instilled onto me and always end up leaving even more inspired seeing the ambassadors go through the program - it's definitely a blessing. It is held in various universities across the country and the world, my local seminar is HOBY Los Angeles. On the last day as I was doing my duties as the deputy director of programs I cameacross this quote on the floor and felt like it was absolutely perfect and the best reminder of what living really and truly is all about. 


Went on a quick little shopping trip and happened to find this little gem of a jersey shirt on a table filled with other random shirts of all different brands. It reminded me of the UNIF Hate You 2 jersey - instantly I knew I had to get it, the sarcasm is just great. The day I wore it was one of the last days of finals and lots of people got a kick out of it, especially those sitting behind me in class - sucks2suck eh?


My latest obsession for the spring-to-summer transition of the year hands down has to go to my all-white nike airmaxes (90). They go with almost any and every outfit I wear, so I've definitely been breaking them in. They are basically my equivalent of a sneaker heel without even being a heel (in my opinion better than sneaker wedges), they add so much cushion and a little height once they're on your feet. Which is a good thing for me since I'm a shortie, or as I like to refer to it - fun-size. LOVE LOVE LOVE 'EM!