Friday, June 13, 2014

(this is me trying to pack "light" for 3 days)

I'm one of those people that packs last minute for a trip - literally hours before. And at the same time, packing "light" does not exist in my vocabulary. What even is packing light, how does accomplish this state of packing? So here I was thinking, okay, this time I'll just bring a smaller luggage, because me arriving with my huge XL luggage is just embarrassing. Low and behold, I ended filling up my adidas sports bag, my herschel backpack and more. A girl's gotta have options ya'know? You never know how you're going to feel. 

Anywaaaaays, every year for the past five years I've been volunteering for this amazing non-profit organization called Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership (best known as HOBY) that changed my life. I go back every year in hopes to create the same positive impact that was instilled onto me and always end up leaving even more inspired seeing the ambassadors go through the program - it's definitely a blessing. It is held in various universities across the country and the world, my local seminar is HOBY Los Angeles. On the last day as I was doing my duties as the deputy director of programs I cameacross this quote on the floor and felt like it was absolutely perfect and the best reminder of what living really and truly is all about. 


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