Sunday, August 10, 2014


Anything and everything about different kinds of culture intrigue me. I absolutely love learning about new things and one of my favorite things to learn about is culture. I feel like being cultured is an important way to live life, because you have a greater understanding of the people and world around you. My latest obsession has been henna (mehndi) tattoos. Of course it's summer! Now I got my first one done at the beginning of summer (before Pia Mia and all these celebrities started posting them). I was absolutely hooked. Now I know what people say, why don't you just get a real one? The fun thing about hennas are you can constantly customize and choose various designs depending on your moods. And I just love how it looks on my left hand. I actually considered getting a real one on my hand because I love how it looked, but considering the career field I want to get into, it wouldn't be the smartest thing. I plan on getting more and more every couple weeks.


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